Thursday, March 26, 2009

IF: Subtract

zdepski's painting of his father's hand missing a fingertip
zdepski's pencil drawing of his father's hand missing a fingertip
zdepski's ink sketch of his father's hand missing a fingertip
My pop lost his index finger tip when he was a small child in a corn thresher (1920s). He always had massive arms and hands, being a stone mason and woodworker. I was struck by the family iconography that was involved with this minor issue, like the terrorizing of small kids that thought they had made it fall off and become lost.

i'm developing a group of illustrations around it, how this minor loss had made this particular hand something very special, if not vital to certain situations. I expect a folio of 6-8 illustrations will come from it.

top, the watercolor - coldpress with winsor and newton and ink
middle, the drawing - pencil on strathmore
bottom, the idea - noodlers ink on moleskine... sitting in the airport with ideas in my head.


studio lolo said...

it's amazing what one incident can cause as a memory for creative fire. Excellent.

Coreopsis said...

Very nice--I especially like the top one with the watercolor. Great theme to explore.

Chad Grohman said...

I like how personal the story is. It makes the illustrations that much better.