Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ted Lewin Behaving Badly: Charcoal WC

zdepski's painting of Ted Lewin as Zombie Maker in charcoal watercolor medium
zdepski's painting Goat Juice with charcoal watercolor medium
zdepski's first wash effort with charcoal watercolor mediumzdepski's first effort with charcoal watercolor medium
I've found a cache of Artista brand charcoal watercolor pans that were purchased from old Mr. Graf's estate in Easton Pa when I was a teenager. Mr. Graf was a machinist and weekend artist. My father took me to his estate auction and purchased every piece of studio equipment and supply that he owned. I had two pickups full of canvas, fine oil, watercolor, stretchers of every length, paper, easels, calipers, etc... If he didn't buy it, he made a machinist's version... solid as a rock: my easel for example.

So, I re-discovered these little pans of charcoal mixed with gum arabic and in these metal half-pans. I popped a pan into my drawing kit, along with a couple of white sable brushes (cheap but good spring) and have been messing around in the last couple of days.

Charcoal 1: Ted Lewin, author and illustrator (Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame), holding a modified ram's skull over fellow MFA'er, Eileen San Felipe. I call it "Zombie Maker". I knocked this out in a short sitting... not sure if i like the tiny ted or not... Q thinks he looks like a demented little demon - which, if you knew him, is furthest from the truth... however during his professional wrestling career in the 50s, he would have made you eat your own foot.
Charcoal 2: "Goat Juice"... don't ask, I don't know why... I just do them.
Charcoal 3: "Bear Hunt" done in the moleskine, edge to edge of a page as a test to see how the wet charcoal would handle large wash areas... i haven't tried it with an extender yet, but will.
Charcoal 4: "Charcoal Head" my first effort with the medium... I had just started it as a simple sphere exercise.
As always, you have to click them to see them bigger.

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Chad Grohman said...

These are cool. Digging the technique.