Sunday, January 4, 2009

NYC Reaction Painting: dogbabies skating

zdepski's watercolor of NYC skating dogbabies
zdepski's watercolor of NYC skating dogbabies
Here they are - The scene is about 4 blocks from Times Square in Manhattan. Much more dramatic and a bigger challenge. These are two attempts at the same theme. I used a bit more prismatic color in one, and a more limited pallet in the other. Both are watercolor on Fabriano hot press paper. I may pop into one of them with pen and ink, but I'm not sure if it's needed. Compared with the Brooklyn piece, I think this is the way to go... not screwing with the brand.

click on them to make them bigger.


Chad Grohman said...

Great atmosphere, format and subject. They evoke a feeling of chilled happiness. Something us northern people can really relate to. Very nice.

Q. said...

these are sweet...and very artful. Much more you than the Brooklyn one (show it for the scope)--I wouldnt mess with these. You are on to something...Matter of fact...Do one even without the babies--it is beautiful as an architectural statement.