Saturday, January 24, 2009

IF: Climbing for Biscuits

zdepski's Watercolor for Illustration Friday, Climing
zdepski's drawing for Illustration Friday, Climing
Dogbabies Daniel and Cassy are getting into stuff they shouldn't... WHO LEFT THAT LADDER OUT?!!

They found the "Dog Bonz" stash on top of the 'fridge.

Click to make them larger.

top: WnN watercolor and ink on Fabriano
bottom: Pencil on Strathmore.


John said...

love the angel and the total picture is just fantastic

Amy C said...

really cool and cute

juanpablito said...

way too cool!

Bron Smith said...

I really like your zany style.

psychopooch said...

very cute!

Chad Grohman said...

These characters would make great plush

Sara said...

Fun style! I love your characters!