Sunday, January 11, 2009

Charlie Manson and the Beatles: New Icon

zdepski's ink sketch of Charlie Manson Icon with Beatles
zdepski's sketch of charlie manson family photos
zdepski's sketch of bobby getting bone
zdepski's sketch of cassy stalking cats
Manson is a recurring image in my lexicon of subjects. I saw him being escorted through the hallway when on trial, noticing how high his hairline was. I thought he looked like an anime super-deformed bobble head. I then launched into the Beatles and trying to make them similar in a bobble head sort of way.

1: This ink was sketch is a foundation, if not a crucible for ideas in a final piece. I can't call it a final piece, but i do like many of the immediate elements.

2: Manson in pencil with two of his relatives - Sort of a group of pictures you may see on a baby grand piano or mantle piece.

3: Bobby getting his bone prior to burial of said bone, pencil in my sketchbook. very early thought process

4: Cassy stalking the cat, prior to capture - same, very much a rough thought from the workbook.

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1 comment:

alister crowley said...

thats pretty interesting. i've never seen an artist link the beatles and manson this