Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lil' Rams and a Jello Mold

zdepski's sketch of a biddy football watercolor of the Strasburg Rams
zdepski's sketch of an elf suspended in a Jello mold of Santa Claus
I finished my lil' Rams Scrimmage piece. i did it in watercolor on velum Bristol. I used toned inks for many of the edges, but didn't go overboard. The piece is for my daughter's marching band fund raiser.

ALSO... the Jello mold idea came to me while meeting my friends Aaron and Cathy for an impromptu beer. I was thinking of a Santa Claus Jello Mold, with dwarfs/elves/gnomes surrounding him... then the idea of something suspended in the Jello was the next logical step... but what? A MISSING SPOON!

oh,... and the elf that was last seen mixing the Jello.

I think this may be my next-year's Christmas Card.... go real over board with a fully set banquet table, and an elf in amber.

too much.

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Chad Grohman said...

I like the way the water color went down. Im not really into textured papers so stay away from water color paper. Im inspired.... nice