Saturday, December 6, 2008

IC of DC - Framing Finished

Zdepskis Warthog and Ocelot print, Faun Yawn painting and Yes We Can print
Niki Zdepski and Warthog and Ocelot paintings and print
I only had two pieces to worry about getting frames on for tomorrow's drop in Arlington. I popped an existing frame around "Faun Yawn", but was scrambling all week to get the "Warthog vs Ocelot" print into a decent frame. I chipped away at bits and pieces throughout the week, and finished today mid-afternoon. Dan Rugh, at Commonwealth Press was able to get 40 good impressions, plus a few Artist's Proofs, so to have this one framed gives the whole project a moment of finality. Dan had sent along one of his beautiful "Yes We Can" prints for the Pittsburgh Food Bank. I was able to matte and frame it for my living room... it looks fantastic! Niki helped me today, and you can see him posing with the original acrylic paintings and the final print in the middle. Ready to hang! I'm going to drop these off with the Illustrators Club of DC tomorrow, and plan on sticking for the board meeting... The rest of my free time will be spent writing a reaction paper. I doubt I'll get it finished, but it should be well along the way.

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