Goals for 2020 - New Whiteboard in the Studio

Whiteboard with goals listed for the year 2020
My first post for 2020... Hoping all are well. I've been teaching a various colleges, while designing and illustrating books and comics. I've bought a sheet of "whiteboard" material, and have a list of 10 items on there as goals for the new year. i've been able to cross off two of them already; one logo and one book cover. The main hope is to publish two long term projects by the end of the year. The drive to keep working on them as been apparent, but without a nagging phone app, or boldly lettered whiteboard, the deadlines were never set. This way, the board is in front of my face with each trip to the studio. i've found it extremely useful already, and i'm only a month into the experiment. i'll try to keep postings here, on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. Thanks for keeping the faith. I'll be more diligent with my posts.


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