Comics at the Museum

Super endorsement for my show at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley:

ME: "Here's two stacks of Magic Bullet Comics to give to patrons when they visit the show... one of the pieces on the wall is on page 34."

Lady 1: "OOoooo!!! Do you like comics? Have you been in the gallery? They're FUNnnEEEEE... I laughed out loud!"
Lady 2: "Yeah, and I'm originally from New Jersey, and there's one called "Down the Shore!"... that's what we called it!...

Lady 3: "You'll really like it. Have you seen it?"
ME: "Yes, I've seen them.... I'm the one that drew 'em!"


Showing NOW through April 17th
OPENING on Tuesday, Feb 23rd 6-8 pm.


Anne Cooper said…
Fantastic Paul! I can't make the opening but will try to get to the museum to see your work. :)

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