Sunday, August 4, 2013

FezBaby - Chainsaw Carving

zdepski's day three progress photo of the FezBaby carving.

FezBaby - about 10 hours of carving. I've been using the chainsaw, but have resorted to chisels to to much of the inside edge details for items like the building block letter-forms, the baby's face and fingers. I also have been using my offset grinder with a 40 grit sanding disc to make the baby's skin smooth. It wouldn't be much of a baby if it weren't smooth.

zdepski's sketch for the FezBaby carving.

Pencil Sketch

zdepski's carving, around 5 hours of effort.

This is around 5 hours in, if you count the drawing. You can see how rough it is with the saw marks on the face. It really did need the sanding disc applied, as seen in the video.

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