Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cow Plus Boy

zdepski's banner illustration, Cow Plus Boy Equals Cowboy
Cow Plus Boy Equals Cowboy
I'm invited to submit some banner illustrations for the local downtown's walking mall. It's a nice venue and the banners are hung from ornamental lampposts along the wide brick promenade. I had a couple banners get in two years ago; Elephant Tune and the Ames Piano Quartet CD cover art from 2005.
This year I'm entering the Duck King, Vespa and the above piece named, Cow Plus Boy. I'm trying to create a retro-Elementary Textbook feel, and I think it's got that vibe. I like to create things for public spaces that may make the kids stop and try to figure it out.
This piece was drawn in my sketchbook, then ported into Photoshop at 720 dpi and then cleaned up and colored in various layers with my Wacom Intuos3 tablet. The final output will be 25x29 inches, so it should be fun to see it printed large.