Saturday, August 27, 2011

weekend portraits

zdepski's portrait of the Apple Store Lady
I spent my Friday evening at the Apple Store in Fair Oaks Mall, an hour ahead of my scheduled "Genius Bar" appointment. I kick around a bit, but then decided to knock out a portrait of the hipster scheduling the meetings. She kept moving, but did go back to predictable postures and mannerisms. I colored my pencil drawings in Photoshop.
zdepski's portrait of Tom Chipley
The other three are friends from a new Saturday morning drawing group meeting a Carmella's restaurant, 102 South Main Street, Edinburg VA. You may recognize Tom Chipley from the Gallery Book. Tom often sports a colorful bandana. I met is lovely bride, too. Great folks. Thanks for picking up the check TOM! Tom's portrait was done in watercolor over my pencil drawing... you can see how the paper buckled.
zdepski's portrait of Jamie
Jamie is another friend from the Mt. Jackson arts group, and was trying her hand at watercolor. Ironically, Jamie's portrait is colored digitally...

zdepski's portrait of Car,e;;a

Our statuesque hostess, Carmella has the bearing of a ballet dancer. I almost asked her what company she was with. She sat down with us and knocked out a lovely pencil drawing before duty called her to serve another group of customers.

Fun had by all, and lots of laughs around the table. Thanks to all - you made it a lot of fun. Hope to return for another Saturday session.

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Indigene said...

Wow! I love your portrait work; you've captured their spirits and it shows!