Friday, May 6, 2011

IF: Beginner

zdepski's illustration - boy's side of the gym
School Dance, Boy's Side of the Gym

Someone has to break the ice! Middle school dances can be a stress on kids that don't fit into their own skin. The boys are all trying to be cool, but hoping the girl they're crushing on will look their way.

My daughter Zhana was the inspiration for the chatty little lady on the right. She's all about dancing and is asking the boy that sits next to her in Civics class to boogie-down.


Pencil and Photoshop on with my Wacom Cintiq.
Click the Picture to Enlarge the Awkward Moment!

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Connie said...

This is totally brilliant: the drawing and the idea!

michele said...

An awkward moment captured so gracefully! Brings back painful memories of having to choose a square dancing partner in 5th grade! Hee hee! :o)

Alison said...

Ooh. I remember how painful that was - at least as bad from the girls' perspective.

Elena said...

Awkward is so sweet -- years after the experience. love it!

Greg Newbold said...

My 16 year old son went to Prom a week ago. Man, that whole week brought back memories- some good, some...well, awkward. Sometimes I think it would be fun to go back for a redo...nah, I'm good.

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

what a handsome boys... too bad that such shy

heike said...

Great interpretation of the topic!
And it's such a relief that these times are over. I agree with Alison: it's not better from the girls side!

Indigene said...

These colors are just soooo groovy! :)

Linda Hensley said...

Adorable! Makes me feel sorry for all of those boys, but it looks like your daughter is going to be just fine :)