Monday, November 29, 2010

IF: Savour

Zdepski's Church Lady drawing - Sing Rest Sing
"Savor the Flavor of the Savior" or "Sing-Rest-Sing"

I was at a religious service last week, and drew three pictures of the lady in charge of singing solos to karaoke tapes piped in over the loud-speakers. I always thought people that did that were kind of brave, or kind of nuts.

I can't stand singing in live situations... I hate musical theater, uncomfortable folk singer situations and campfire choruses. Perhaps because I was forced to sing in the church choir from early grade school through high school... when I rebelled and learned to mumble while pretending to sing.

Church lady isn't anything like that... She loves what she's doing, and doesn't give a hoot what I think. You go girl!

No malice meant here - she sang very well. I just can't be trusted with a pencil!

Three pages from my Strathmore sketchbook hastily fused into a wide image in Photoshop.
Click the pick to Savah the Flavah!


Susanna said...

De vrouw geniet echt van het zingen en ik geniet van je kerstwens. En wens je veel sterkte met deze koude dagen....

zillustration said...

Heel erg bedankt! Warm te blijven!
(Thank you very much! Stay warm!)

michele said...

Ha ha ha! This takes me back to some crazy, younger days! :o)