Friday, February 19, 2010

IF: Propagate

Zdepski's illustration, Propagating the Hype
Propagating the Hype

"The recent [earthquake-tsunami-terrorist attack] is direct holy retribution for [permitting homosexuality-abortion-not obeying the Koran] by [the American public-Voodoo Practitioners-Jews].

The [Mayan Calendar-Book of Revelation-Quatrains of Nostradamus] clearly warned of [the Asteroid-Battle of Armageddon-the financial crisis]. You must [financially support-subscribe-adhere] to my [podcast-church-shortwave radio program]. Your [life-everlasting soul-2nd Amendment Rights] depend upon it."

Pick your scenario - the check boxes are ready to fill, the blood is ready to rise. SHEEP UNITE! Write your congressman, but be sure to write me a check first!

propagating the hype -

i seem to be in a blue period. This was done on my Cintiq within Adobe Photoshop CS2. I need more RAM to do what I'd like, but that will have to wait.

Click to enlarge the Rabble Rousing.


Kenneth said...

Haha, I love it!

Emma Cowley said...

Very clever! And you have a good point about how the media tends to hype up stories.

Some weeks ago in the UK there was lots of coverage in the news about an Islamic group called Islam 4 UK, who wanted to stage a protest march through a town called Wootton Bassett, causing enormous controversy because that is the town where the bodies of British servicemen killed in action are repatriated. Despite the fact that the march was clearly a publicity stunt, the media gave the group loads of publicity, which was exactly what they wanted.

Furthermore, it was only really the voices of the extremist muslims that were heard, rather than the vast majority of moderate muslims who were keen to distance themselves from such groups.

The media didn't really seem to care that they were only helping to deepen the racial divisions in Britain, or the fallout that would surely effect the muslims living peacefully in this country. As far as they were concerned, jonny foreigner saying something outrageous = news.

A BBC program called Newswipe satirises both UK and US news brilliantly, and often very accurately identifies what's going on behind the scenes of the big news stories. If you can get on BBC iplayer in the US it's well worth a watch.

My comments aren't usually this long, sorry about the rant, and thanks if you actually bothered to read all of this :D