Saturday, February 27, 2010

IF: Perspective

Zdepski's dogBabies title page
dogBabies is finally getting a major overhaul - I got the Cintiq in full effect - I mentioned to my friend Q that this is "a game changer". I haven't been so pleased with my digital control on the Intuos3 Tablet, but the Cintiq has helped me to get excited about my work again. Today I worked on the title lettering and chainlink fence around Ava.

Zdepski's dogBabies Ava with Chainlink fence

Perspective is pretty forced on the isometric letters in the title, but I like the clunky and building-block nature of them. The Perspective in the fence is a major fudging of the term. The yard has to form the letter "A", so there is extreme angle and foreshortening going on. Adds "flavah".

These are both part of the initial four page progression that I had posted late last year -- the version below is earlier in the game, so you don't see much of the cleaned-up stuff present in the above pieces.

zdepski's digital illustration of a tirepile 4 page spread

Digital - Wacom Cintiq & Intuos3 - Photoshop and Painter 11
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Saturday, February 20, 2010

LA Reaction Illo

Zdepski's digital illustration, CaliMower - Tribute to Big Daddy Roth

When I was touring SoCal with the Illustration folks from Hartford, I couldn't help noticing the perfectly manicured lawns, everywhere... and somewhere on those lawns was a person with a Spanish last name. They seemed to be everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. The Anglos were sashaying around with their Benz keys in their pockets, while the poor working stiff was raking the husks falling from the palm trees in the yard.

a total underclass - upholding the facade that is LA.

However, at night, down Hollywood way, I came across a very cool 1940 Ford, all polished and lowered, with some Bato touches. I thought, this is the other side of the coin. Meanwhile, across the street from our hotel in Pasadena was an old-tyme hardware store, renting Ancient lawn maintenance equipment. Much of the mowers, rollers, sod-nibblers... whatever they were... were from the 1950s, and showed it. I love the industrial design and functionality of them all, so I had an idea to merge the mower with the car as part of my reaction piece.

When I remember back to my earliest memories of a place called "Los Angeles", I think of the Beach Boys and Big Daddy Roth (Rat Fink) T-shirts.

I tried to merge all of the above into one illustration called CaliMower. The piece stems from two drawings in my sketchbook, but I executed the final within Photoshop, while working with my new Cintiq tablet. I'm not fully pleased with some of the textural results, but I have a few weeks before it needs to be printed, rolled and taken to Ft. Worth for critique. Working with a limited pallet.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

IF: Propagate

Zdepski's illustration, Propagating the Hype
Propagating the Hype

"The recent [earthquake-tsunami-terrorist attack] is direct holy retribution for [permitting homosexuality-abortion-not obeying the Koran] by [the American public-Voodoo Practitioners-Jews].

The [Mayan Calendar-Book of Revelation-Quatrains of Nostradamus] clearly warned of [the Asteroid-Battle of Armageddon-the financial crisis]. You must [financially support-subscribe-adhere] to my [podcast-church-shortwave radio program]. Your [life-everlasting soul-2nd Amendment Rights] depend upon it."

Pick your scenario - the check boxes are ready to fill, the blood is ready to rise. SHEEP UNITE! Write your congressman, but be sure to write me a check first!

propagating the hype -

i seem to be in a blue period. This was done on my Cintiq within Adobe Photoshop CS2. I need more RAM to do what I'd like, but that will have to wait.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

RIP Mr. Oakley

zdepski's belgian shepherd, oakley
With deep, heart-wrenching sadness, I write about the passing of a long-time friend, Oakley the Belgian Shepherd. He has been a stalwart and sensitive companion to our family. He came to our home as a three-time loser... returned to the pound for various reasons a young large-breed dog causes trouble. From the day we met, he was in love with us, and we were with him.
zdepski's belgian shepherd, oakley

We had him in our lives for the last 10 years. He helped raise our son from infancy to Pokemon Master. He lay at the foot of my daughter's bed, guarding her from nightmares. He tried to sit in my lap, but only managed to fit his head.

zdepski's belgian shepherd, oakley

I hear my daughter weeping upstairs as I write this... a sad, sad time.

Tilly the terrier-beagle mix is looking for him all around the house.

We will miss you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

IF: Adrift

Ensign Parker has been cast off from Gilligan's Asteroid, stuck with the dingy, a rusty wrench and an inoperable impulse outboard.

lots of cussing and steaming up the head-gear.

Shout out to Star Trek: "NCC" and Gilligan's Island: "Minnow" and McHales Navy: "Ensign Parker"... TV seeps into all of my work, eventually. Another in my mono-chromatic space series - Illustration Friday, Hatch was of a similar style.

I was hoping to do this with my Cintiq, but the delivery still hasn't come. I did a pencil drawing, scanned it into Photoshop and got to work with my Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and pen.

Click to enlarge the frustration... (me with the delivery man)

Friday, February 5, 2010

IF: Muddy

Sheep Dip gets a re-posting... i couldn't pass it up - giving a wider audience a look at the madness:
zdepski's digital illustration - Sheep Dip

Zdepski Family Lore - My older brother Mark and Cousin Johnny were doing their summer time forced labor in the family garden in the mid 1960s. Part of the labor involved spreading a slurry of reconstituted Sheep Manure on the garden by the bucket. The process involved mixing batches of dried crap and water in a 50 gallon drum, waiting for the poop to slurry over night, and then spread the next day... repeat as needed.

One fine day at the old Honey pot, Mark bets John that he would immerse his head, fully for $20. Johnny said, "OK, go ahead!"

short story shorter - Johnny didn't have the $20 to pay Mark for his daring fete, so he had to dunk his own head in for payment.

My sister swears this was the day Mark's hair became curly.

My brother Mark replies to my drawing:
The barrel was blue, scarred up, showing red primer... and it was really cocoa puffs in clear water not thick sludge (that happened overnight), I think you are misrepresenting the facts. I guess it isn’t journalism, it is the artist’s conception…

I cannot draw cocoa puffs... sludge is easier.

pencil to digital - Photoshop and Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
Click to enlarge the Stink.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DVD job delivered

zdepski's final layout for the Deadneks DVD box
zdepski's final layout for the Deadneks DVD Disc
The Deadneks have the final job in their hands. here's the artwork and layout i did for the project. I figured that if I took on the entire job, it wouldn't risk questionable design issues... CONTROL FREAK!!!

The box art has the back of the DVD box on the left, center spine, cover on right. Likewise, the Disc art has the artwork running off beyond the trim regions (discs are round... like discs) so there shouldn't be any funky offset arc issues that happen when two circles of the same size have different center points... try it, and you'll see what I mean.

my first freelance job of the season. OUCH!