Friday, September 18, 2009

Punch Buggy

Zdepski's digital illustration of the Punch Buggy game involving Volkswagen products
My brothers and sisters were always, ALWAYS looking for reasons to pound on each other. We had a game called PUNCH-BUGGY that was played while riding, walking or lounging in front of the television. IF a Volkswagen product happened to drive by, the one who saw it and yelled "Punch-Buggy" (or Slap-Buggy, Kick-buggy, etc.) would pound on the person of their choice.

I showed an earlier version to my sister Jean, who disputes some of the model:punishment designations. She recalled a family trip to Philadelphia that happened to take us past a Volkswagen dealership... "lots of bruises and red marks on the legs, arms..."

This was a game that usually ended in Dad yelling or Mom pulling over and threatening corporal punishment.

ahh... the 70s.

Pencil to Digital - Photoshop and Illustrator

Corporal Punishment Series
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sitwalkstand said...

We used to play "Punch-buggy" too, that is until I punched my dad while he was driving and caused him to rear end the car in front of us. Whoops!