Monday, August 31, 2009

Demon's Laptop

Zdepski's digital illustration of a Demon Hacker launching a new Virus
My friend Aaron was pounding away on his black Mac in the shade of the noonday sun while I was working on my Frank Frazetta paper. I started sketching him with his crossed legs and intense concentration on his screen...

My original sketch was a Frazetta-esque drawing of Conan typing away on a pile of skulls and bones... "Conan, Destroyer of Bank Accounts" - but I lost the spark on that idea.

This one works a bit better, with the same Frazetta influence, but more dynamic and fun. I call it "Launching A New Virus" - pretty silly, but I think those hackers have a big old Diabolical Bone going up their backs...

Pencil and Digital - Click to enlarge.

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aeneadellaluna said...

Powerfull stuff man! I love it!