Monday, August 31, 2009

Demon's Laptop

Zdepski's digital illustration of a Demon Hacker launching a new Virus
My friend Aaron was pounding away on his black Mac in the shade of the noonday sun while I was working on my Frank Frazetta paper. I started sketching him with his crossed legs and intense concentration on his screen...

My original sketch was a Frazetta-esque drawing of Conan typing away on a pile of skulls and bones... "Conan, Destroyer of Bank Accounts" - but I lost the spark on that idea.

This one works a bit better, with the same Frazetta influence, but more dynamic and fun. I call it "Launching A New Virus" - pretty silly, but I think those hackers have a big old Diabolical Bone going up their backs...

Pencil and Digital - Click to enlarge.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

IF: Magnify

Zdepski's digital Illustraton of Ophelia's Off-Key Opera
Zdepski's digital Illustraton of Ophelia's Off-Key Opera
Ophelia is belting out her love for Sigfried at the top of her lungs... Like a cat in a blender... Will it ever stop? She's too skinny to be the Fat Lady. Looks like we're in for 15 more minutes of this stuff.

pass the cotton balls.

digital - Painter 11 and Photoshop

I was looking at Fruit Striped Gum Zebra Tattoos and Old Japnese Matchbox Litho Packaging from the 1930s. Not sure if it's something I will use that much, but I wanted to try it. For those in the know, here's a little shout out to Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer... the helmet in the top piece, but Ophelias horns point up... she's happier.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Reaction Paper: Frank Frazetta

zdepski's reaction paper to the work of Frank Frazetta

Here's the final paper for the the MFA summer session. I chose to write a reaction on the influence of Frank Frazetta on my own impressionable youth and formative years as an artist. I tried to break down what I was seeing, but also tried to analize the methods Frazetta used to compose his pieces. It's not an tell-all shocker, but I did make some discoveries while looking back at his work.

I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think...

Caution! Boobies...

Frank Frazetta Paper

BTW: I was trying to figure out how to include a Frazetta inspired piece into the paper, but I felt the analytical nature of the work was not going to allow it... however, I did do one: Demon Laptop

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reaction Papers: Spollen & Kelley

zdepski's reaction paper to the Chris Spollen Lecture, July 2009
zdepski's reaction paper to the Gary Kelley lecture, July 2009

Two papers on two illustrators with long lived careers, Chris Spollen of Staten Island, NY and Gary Kelley of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Add them to the pile of out going mail. Hope you like them. Click the picture to download the paper you're interested in reading.

or these word links for those of you that don't want to scroll all the way back up the page... whew!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tiki: Sentinel Color

zdepski's digital painting - Sentinel

zdepski's pencil drawing - Sentinel

"By the shores of a quite lagoon - little King Wana Pay-Day stands near a one of the ancient village guardians. His eyes fall on a sail he's never seen near the reef's breakwater."

I did the drawing last week, but I imported the pencil drawing into Painter 11 to muss and tuss with some digital painting practice. The piece could be pushed and pushed, but I hit a stopping point after 9 hours. This is mostly direct painting on one layer with a single brush setting, but adjusting size for broad and fine strokes.

It has a good feel to it, but it's still got a cartoon vibe.

Friday, August 21, 2009

IF: Caution... the drums!

Dr. Knoczalot is banging out a midnight ramble drum solo...

Heads are gonna role! Be sure to stick close to the hut tonight... Don't stray by the grove on the way to the beach... you're bitty head is going to wind up on the stick shift of his T-bucket!

Caution to the wind... listen for the drums.

pencil and digital, with ink prints from my Spongebob project... a little texture rehash.

click to enlarge

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tiki Hot Rod Comp 2

Zdepski's Sketch comp for a Hot Rod Magazine cover from the 1950s with Betty Page
Here's my second take at the Hot Rod cover. Since we're to feature a person of note, I'm choosing Betty Page. She wasn't exactly Doris Day, but I bet she could kick Doris' butt in a street fight. Betty is riding the Flat Head Ford, same as Pillow Rider had been, but Betty is engaging the viewer much better.

New Tiki head is doing some nose tricks on his long board.

painting will be fully digital in Painter X.

zdepski's version of HOT Rod Magazine, Cover, 1962

Click them to enlarge...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Head Shrinker: Tiki

zdepski's digital illustration, Head Shrinker
Belly up to the bar for a nightcap... or morning-cap, since you spent all night causing mischief. Head Shrinker is more about the drink's potency... not the consumer.

Pencil and Digital

click to enlarge.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

IF: Wrapped

Zdepski's illustration of Professor Fudgebottom's Mummy
With rapt joy, Professor Fudgebottom loots another Egyptian antiquity. The ole' professor hasn't been wrapped too tightly, since the trustees at the "People's PolyTeknik University Number 14" rapped him on the knuckles for his shoddy research methods.

OH RAPTURE! This will put the final wrapping on years of labor!

That's a wrap!
Strike the set!

Professor Fudgebottom's Mummy - pencil on strathmore - 11x14 - then digital muss and tuss.
click to enlarge

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Corncob Monk

Zdepski's drawing of a macac with fez and corncob pipe
... my new Facebook Avatar? I should push this through some color, but i've been cranking on the ole' Number 2's in the sketchbook. need to focus more on my papers, but i can't halt momentum. need to scrub these out while they're fresh.

With those sad eyes, I think he looks quite a bit like Bing Crosby... no?

click to enlarge.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sentinel - Tiki

zdepski's pencil drawing - Sentinel

By the shores of a quite lagoon - little King Wana Pay-Day stands near a one of the ancient village guardians. His eyes fall on a sail he's never seen near the reef's breakwater.

run or stand?

something haunting about the tropical themes. remember my fascination with old 1930s and 40s movies like Bamba, Tarzan and some vague memory about DC3 that crashes in the jungle with headhunters closing in... it takes off, but the old couple is left behind with only one bullet in the gun... heebie-jeebies!

zdepski's pencil drawing detail - Sentinel

graphite on 11x14 strathmore sketch page
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

IF: Impatience

zdepski's Shrunken Head tiki on surfboard in pencil
My alter-ego, "King Wana-Payday" has just created another drawing/to-be-painting in the Surfing Tikis Series. Thanks to Q Cassetti and Chris Spollen for encouragement.

Impatience for Patients - Witch Doctor's Shrunken Head Tiki is surfing on a Zulu Sheild. These have been a blast to do. I plan on doing this in a similar vignette as the Thundergod Tiki... not sure if it should start as a Monotype, or go right into painting. That's still to be determined.

Listening to Satan's Pilgrims while researching and drawing these...

zdepski's tiki god on surfboard

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


zdepski's sketches his dogs, again
dogs are always looking for a quiet corner to digest what they just stole off my kid's dinner plate. Oakley above and Tilly bellow... both have their favorite postures. It's tough not to draw them the same way, over and over. I had to catch Tilly in a gesture before she hunkered down for a snooze... has much more life to the drawing.

pencil in my 11x14 strathmore sketchbook - click to enlarge

Sunday, August 2, 2009

pillow rider - oil wash

zdepski's Pillow Rider in Oil wash technique
zdepski's Pillow Rider in Oil wash technique
experimenting with some retro techniques. this is a terra rosa and terra verte turp wash on cardboard. the highlights are knocked in with white, winsor red and terra rosa. a few dark lines were dropped in with terra verte.

Q-tip Pillow Rider, rides again! looking very Barbie Benton.

"Hi-Ho Pillow, Away!"

click to enlarge

Long Board Tiki

zdepski's tiki god on surfboard
Thunder god Tiki only rides old-school... two tone shortboard. This piece started as a monoprint, but morphed into a painting on paper. I couldn't keep my hand from modeling. Everything was crying out for brush noodling. Oh well. I still have a ghostprint to work with tomorrow. it may work, it may not. I'll see then. The oil shouldn't be too dry.

Oil on Strathmore 400 - click to enlarge

Saturday, August 1, 2009

IF: Modify

zdpeski's monoprint Hi C 1
zdpeski's monoprint Hi C 2
zdpeski's highschool age drawing of a trumpet player
Modifying an old...old piece. Was digging through a dark corner of the studio, looking for some thick glass to try creating my first mono-print. I found the glass, but I also found a crazy drawing I did in 1979... I was a sophomore in high school. I had to rework the line by tracing the drawing digitally and that's what you see here. I didn't want to recreate what I had done 30 years ago, but I did want to use it as a template for a new set of pieces... modifying my old inspiration into something new.

I laid the old drawing under the glass and began painting in oil. The first print was pulled on a lightly dampened piece of Strathmore drawing paper. I didn't like the inconsistency of the print, so I pulled a ghost print and reworked both with paint, rollers and dry-brushes. I'm liking the effect. It has a real 1950s feel. think i'll try some more... perhaps with some more recent drawings as source material.

click to enlarge