Tuesday, June 9, 2009

lunchtime studies

zdepski's lunchtime watercolor studies of nature objects
been under the weather... got a bit of Lymes disease from a deertick. --- jerk.

haven't had much rattling around my head since I've been feeling so fatigued. so i started forcing myself to do SOMETHING... anything. Yesterday, I went out to the picnic table behind our office, plucked a leaf off a vine and cracked open the Lucas travel kit. Today, the subject was a toadstool in decline... quite leathery and baked.

the object is to keep moving... don't stop and sink to the bottom. keep pushing my watercolor training.

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Anonymous said...

Very, very nice leaf. I really like the mushroom too. Delicate.

That is my mantra lately. Keep moving, preferably in a forward direction.

Tigz said...

i really like these :)