Friday, June 5, 2009

IF: Craving

zdepski's watercolor painting, Meth Text

Meth Text: Boney Susan is craving her next fix. She's checking her messages to see if her equally skeletal boyfriend has finished cooking the latest batch of Meth. She is smacking her dry lips for a taste of that harsh white smoke... or maybe she'll snort this round. Who knows?

She's hoping to boost herself and just lose the shakes.

Black WnN Ink and Winsor and Newton Watercolor of 140lb Cold Press
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Coreopsis said...

This is a beautiful picture--love the colors. She doesn't look as bad as I would think at all, given the circumstances....

jazzlamb said...

I love it. Really cool.
I would've never thought of this!

ArtSnark said...

well done. sweet color & linework

Indigene said...

You always go right to the heart! This one is raw, real and well done!