Sunday, May 3, 2009

San Francisco: reaction piece in sepia

zdepski's sepia study of Chinatown San Francisco festival
zdepski's sepia study of Chinatown San Francisco festival
This is my Chinatown dragon piece in the works. I'm debating if the final shouldn't be within my new toy, Painter 11. The other option is to make it a classic watercolor, but I need to get a bigger and better printer to output my drawing to the paper. This piece is in my 11x14 Strathmore sketchbook done in Winsor and Newton Nutbrown ink. This street doesn't really exist, but you get the SF Chinatown vibe. I'm putting many of the derelict signs I had photographed on the sides of many C-town buildings... many are from the early days of neon, and quite beautiful as art objects. The SF Bay, Sausalito and Rodeo Lagoon regions are visible on the horizon.

The other Nutbrown ink drawing is part of the dogBabies project - Although it IS very Haight-Ashbury. Larry's owner is schlepping some old Hippie crud to the curb. Notice the tubular object in the front of the box... looks like paraphernalia.

"BOOK 'EM, Danno!"

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Chad Grohman said...

Reminds me of the ceremony we saw for that restaurant. I like it.

zillustration said...

BINGO! That's exactly what prompted me to do this piece. I loved the way the traffic was still trying to use the street with the hundreds of folks gathering and gawking at the performers. It made a big impression on me.