Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Printmaking: Potato Petals

zdepski's potato prints of flowers in color
here are my potato prints all cleaned and adjusted in Illustrator. These are staple in the Sponge Bob reality. I need to have quite a few variations of the flower to pull off the "homage"....

... Did I hear someone whisper "Ripp-off"?

There are a few items in my sketchbook that are in need of scanning and import into Photoshop... progress, one dumb idea at a time.

click it to see it bigger.


Anonymous said...

All art is plagiarism. The trick is to make it seem otherwise.

zillustration said...

I don't know if i can agree with the statement, but i do believe that we have to become "filters" for what interests us and moves us, rather than "aping" someone's style, work or voice. I do plan on making a personal statement with these items, along with making them my own variation on the theme