Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mayfest in Strasburg

zdepski's photo of Zhana in Flags
zdepski's photo of Niki with a Shake
zdepski's photo of a RatBike
zdepski's photo of Tubbies on a Scooter
zdepski's photo of the lone ranger and poo bucket

my small town America... full of undersized marching bands, motorcycle cops, dairy princesses waving from the back of old cars, fire trucks and the occasional gold medalist in curling or step aerobics.

Here's a smattering of the day's events:

Darling daughter is the blond in the center of the flag circle,

son Niki taking a needed break with a chocolate shake,

the Warlocks MC parking a few bikes...

the Tubbies on the scooter were nearly scraping the frame on the ground!

let's not pass over the Lone Ranger... in lieu of Tonto riding along, he has a street sweeper to catch all poo the horse may shoot out in a bucket... that guy didn't do any waving, since his hands were occupied at all times.

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Greg said...

Nikki is so TALL!!!

(This is Anna commenting, not Greg)

Greg said...

Woops, I meant Niki.

ArtSnark said...

You've captured that American feel all right