Sunday, May 31, 2009

IF: Adapt

zdepski's watercolor of a hippie number 5
zdepski's watercolor of a hippie number 4
zdepski's graphite sketch of a hippie

Fellow Hartford MFA'ers... no, it's not Murry Tinkelman!

Clean house, welcome to the new century! Mr. Hippie is trying to adapt to his new surroundings and consumer culture...

If he really wants to Adapt, he should toss all that crud on EBAY! I see an original Iron Butterfly album, Chairman Mao's Lil' Red Book and a few other Metaphysical gems!

This is my Hippie study for the dogbaby spread, "Logan's Lava Lamp", so this is "Larry Lugging LSD Leftovers"

Top is my choice... much less confused color.
very bottom is the sketchbook page.

Color is WnN watercolor on Fabriano Paper
Graphite is my all-time favorite pencil... EVER, the Natural Cedar, Ticonderoga HB #2 on the Strathmore sketchbook page.

Click'em to seem'em much larger.


angels said...

Perfect interpretation of the topic. Great character! love its movement sensation, and its 70's appearance, including all of the things inside the box, specially the vinyl disc! Good job!

Heather said...

I like the color in the top best too. But I do like the hippie's hair in the middle better. LOL I feel like this sometimes trying to "adapt" to all the various locations to take recycling.

Anonymous said...

I like the top as well--and I like how the color of the background and his pants are two blues but still work.

Nathanael Lark said...

This rocks! I love the posing and composition. Nice job, man!