Monday, May 25, 2009

Equipment Failure

photo of a New Holland LS55 tractor
zdepski's photo his LS55 New Holland stripped down
zdepski's photo of the destroyed Kohler motor
zdepski's photo of a WW2 jeep
When New Holland tractors become Old Holland Tractors... My poor old blue bomber threw a bolt in the crank case a few years ago, and the cost to replace it was beyond my pain threshold. I have since found another option, with a few more horsepower on top, so I rolled the beast out from under it's tarp and started tearing pieces off the frame to reveal the gooey center... You can see where it blew the crank case apart, with daylight showing from one side to the other.

Well, now I have to pony up the bucks to get a crate motor replacement for a Kohler Twin... Note the Kohler motor housed in a Kohl's Bag on the brick wall... poetry in so many places.

Other fun, I shot the heck out of the GI encampment in town... Look at all the crud they tie onto those Jeeps! Holy cow! They popped the 30cal machine gun and holstered a couple sweet Tommy guns a bit later, so I also got shots of them fully dress for battle. It was a rare opportunity for reference photos. Glad I was thinking when I saw them.

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Chad Grohman said...

Nothing like a camera full of hard to come by reference...