Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teachin the Kiddies: Ian Gives 'em an Earful

My favorite poet-philosopher, Ian Svenonius dishes out a heaping helping of irony to the kids of Ponsonby Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand when the band played a free show for the students. Ian also does a kick-ass interview show called "Soft Focus", filmed at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City- fantastic interviews from fascinating musicians and artists.

"Ian Svenonius is not only a lyricist and performer of unparalleled depth and intensity (in bands such as the Nation of Ulysses, Cupid Car Club, Make-Up, and Weird War), but also a secret custodian of rock lore and a theorizer of cultural connections that the rest of us, blind in comparison, tend to miss. For supporting evidence, see his recently released book The Psychic Soviet. He lives, like many of America's national treasures, in Washington DC."

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