Monday, September 8, 2008

Princess Leia - End of the Leash

What, exactly, where her duties on the end of Jabbah's leash?

1. Scrubbing the flab
2. Trying to prevent bed sores by shifting the lard around.
3. Popping alien puss-filled zits.
4. Emptying the Crap buckets over the side of the ship.

These are the things we, as a family, talk about while rolling along in the car to openings two states over... Well, it's what I talk about while my wife and daughter are yelling at me to stop, while my son is laughing his head off...

more in the works... until i get my cease and desist from Lucas

1 comment:

Matt D. said...

Forget the Clone Wars! I wanna see a cartoon short on this!

matt d.