Thursday, September 25, 2008

Junkies: Every Junkie Has A Story

zdepski's junkie series painting, Every Junkie Has A Story
Got a call from SILA last night... said my entry for Van Toad was duplicating categories, and they didn't want to rip me off, or see me throwing money away... so I'm entering "Every Junkie Has A Story" under the Gallery heading. It's an experimental piece for me, starting as a simple conté drawing on a slab of cardboard while a Oxycontin addict was talking slurred to me in my studio... they babbled on as i sketched... the conversation kept going in the death spiral of the same points over and over... They left, and i then went crazy with piles of paint laying on with a knife, eventually ending with sandpaper to get back to the base colors I had used. This piece just came down from a show in Frederick, MD, and it got a bunch of comments to the gallery people. I figure if that's the dilly, it may get some recognition from the judges... who knows, it's always a crapshoot.


Chad Grohman said...

Anyone who has had a conversation with someone who is not all there either through insanity or substance abuse can just hear the slow deliberated speech coming from this guys mouth... At least I can. Eyes partially shut and making little sense.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paul
I am in awe of this piece. Beautiful and intense.