Thursday, September 4, 2008

Four into One

Four into One, painting group by Paul Zdepski
This is a framing job i did for Saturday's opening at the Blue Elephant in Frederick MD. These are 4 individual paintings that hung as a small wall group in 2007 in the Middletown and Warrenton Lord Fairfax shows. I decided they looked good as a configured group, so i took each of the individual framed pics, screwed their frames together and then framed that structure as a single piece. I'm calling it 4 into One, but they're still individuals, Balanced Begging - Huh? - Neon Glow - Balanced Begging 2
My wife thinks it looks a bit Warhol, but i BEG to differ... these aren't the same image repeated with the same color, or even painted with the intention of relating to each other.

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