Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emergency Room Test of the New Pen

Friggen jerks in cruddy cars with religious license plates NOT stopping at stop signs, ramming into the rearend of Hondas waiting for pickups to drive by...

SO... I spend the day with a slow burning in my lower back, neck and shoulders. Off to the emergency room by noon to make sure I'm checked out before I find out I'm leaking blood from a place I shouldn't.

The jerk wanted to leave the scene until I yelled at him like a Ho to stay where he was... got his info, license plate, name, insurance, and rolled 1000 feet to the State Police barracks to make a report... WELL... In VA, that's leaving a scene, so the cop can't make a report. FUGG! This jerk got off because I thought i was saving the cops, and fellow commuters a few minutes by moving off the road. live and learn. next time i sit there and whine like a baby until the cops show up.

the new pen, blue ink for now, got a workout... sketched myself in the hospital gown, waiting for the Dr to return. Signed my hospital papers with the pen too, wow what a way to try it out! Man, I'm still pissed off, and it was nearly 12 hours ago. I had to pay 100 deductible, and for meds to knock down the inflamed back muscles and neck pain... I hate this. No doubt I'll be dealing with Insurance companies for the next few weeks.

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