Saturday, September 6, 2008

at the end of it all...

i finished setting up the show with Chris and Deb at the Blue Elephant... geeeze my work is dark (emotionally). it's quite a contrast to Dave Heatwole's work, which has a airy, tapestry feel... not mr. bringdown at all. i'll add pics to this post showing the setup pics once i get them off the fuji.

famous rhetorical question:
" the end of it all, who says they wish they could have spent more time working?"

not so famous answer: "ME!"

I can't get enough studio time to satisfy my need. i'm eyeball deep in client commitments on the web for the entire month of September and first week of October, with a minimum of 3 hours on the box each day, with an average of 9 during the normal work week... i had worked through the holiday weekend last week... pissing me off to no-end, while trying to get my show together... i'm not pleased with my main client or current 8-6 lifestyle. i need to focus and keep my eyes up and scanning for opportunities, rather than letting this crud wear me out. Sure, the web-work is draining (daily eyeball fatigue by 11am), but the painting and illustration infuses me with energy - i just have to believe this negative energy is going to add to my knowledge and character... otherwise i would have walked away from it back in march (very bad month)...

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Q. said...

left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. Keep em going...and you will find yourself someplace new..and positive. I believe the dark work is the ground upon which new avenues can be pursued. Embrace it! Hope all went well last night. Cheers!