Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Air Pulp Color Study: Red Stripe addition

zdepski's airplane pulp with an additional red stripe arrow down the side
Prof Vin asked for a red strip down the fuselage... well, here it is. I was going to go all out with a heart overlaying the stripe, along with checkered tail rudder, but Vin thought it would be too much... i know i'd be crosseyed painting those little checks on that tiny tail. I can't wait to work larger... this is killing my eyes, but it's easy to flip around while working.

the theme for this project has been NEW ORDER: TEMPTATION from the 1981 wayback machine... recently heard on the Trainspotting soundtrack. i get into this idiot mode where i loop the same song over and over, repeatedly in iTunes or on my CD player. I picked this up from Hiroshi Murata, who in his genius decided to loop "All My Ex's Live in Texas" by George Strait on both sides of a auto-changing cassette, in the theory that "time would stop since the same song is still on the radio." - insane... but it works for me.

Hiroshi is a friggen genius - i looped this song repeatedly for the last four days, and i think my MFA beard is growing IN, not OUT.

-MFA Beard... that's another story.

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