Monday, September 15, 2008

Air Pulp Cutie: Day 1

I'm rolling along on the larger final format at 22 x 34, having purchased a roll of medium tooth canvas... don't think i like the surface, cut it to size with 4 inches for bleed and stretching flaps. I think the airplane yellow needs to be less green, more in the red/orange range so it will pop correctly off of the sky. I may also look into some of those old silver Vega racers from the 30s and see how the surface was on them. I don't know if I'm all that juiced with the yellow. Secondly, the prop on the airplane needs major work. I roughed in where it needs to go, but i didn't get too into messing it around since all of the surfaces are equally wet, and the scumbling needs to work wet over dry. The girlie's face has changed a bit. Murray suggested a larger head, lower windscreen. I ditched the windscreen entirely, and boosted the head's size in the picture. She's looking much more tough in this configuration than in the color sketch.

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