Wednesday, September 24, 2008

20 Years Since: Ink and Watercolor

zdepski's ink and watercolor of charlie manson with a guitar
zdepski's ink and watercolor of art students
zdepski's entry group to the sila competition
I cracked open my paint box of crumbling winsor-newton watercolor pans during my lunch time on monday. the new fountain pen was part of my weekend experimenting while trying to loosen my stiff back from the accident. i drew a sloppy portrait of charlie manson as i watched a documentary on the history channel, then started thinking back to the last time i used the ink and watercolor heavily: the 1980s in philly - so i did a quick remembrance of fellow art students on their way to classes.

these aren't great, or meaningful or portfolio worthy... they are just what they are: Experiments in a very rusty technique. i think i will attempt to mess with some of my cartoons and dogbaby characters with this technique, relying less on cross hatching, and more on color. perhaps even doing the ink on velum, color on paper, then merging the two in photoshop.

Also, i finally got my entries to Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles competition. i'm entering Cy George, Van Toad, Uhané Stealing and Popper, the four entries are each entered in two areas, hopefully doubling my chances of admission at a cost of $200. i notice my portraits are shoulders 3/4 view, and my figures are roughly the same orientation... i gotta break that up a bit more in the future.

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