Thursday, July 10, 2008

manDog - the inspiration

dogMan, the first painting in the series
i did this crazy little painting in acrylic on cardboard in early '06. he was one of those brain salad items that just flowed as i dipped paint. not much to think about. he spawned the spotted pup, then learning to howl. each found in the dogbabies pdf on my site. The initial dogBabies were much, much rougher and dirtier than the cuddly pups they now are... I have a pdf of the first six mutts from my sketchbook.they're doing all kinds of stuff that BAD dogs do... humping the stuffed animals, licking themselves, barking at guests... manDogs here for download
John Bracken holds his pound puppiesEven ManDogs find a home... John Bracken, sound man to the stars (B-52s, Beach Boys, etc...) had fallen for the final manDog painting. i had kept it hidden in my studio rack away from the other dogs... john stopped by the studio in December for a puppy for his friend, saw the bad dogs, titled "Litter Mates" and took them home. Nice to know everyone can find love, eventually.

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