Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kids, Pigs and Partying

Zdepski Photo of one of the 5 acts on-stage

Here are some of the "Gathering" photos from the camping/artshow/bluegrassfest/pig-petting party. Niki and I had a blast. Cousin Sarah and husband Joel Meisner are a fun time. The folks in the Blue Ridge know how to roll.

Zdepski photo of Cousin Sarah Mull-Meisner

I even tasted some "White Lightning" for the first time... Joel had "stumbled across" a jar. His version had strawberries floating in the jar, coloring it a wine red... super smooth and hit hits your stomach like warm pancakes. You can see why folks like the stuff.

Kids and Kids, Kids and Pigs... lots of cheerful screaming and squealing on both sides.Zdepski photo of Kids and Piggies

Zdepski photo of Kids and Billy GoatsNiki got his shirt caught in the billygoats horns and it shook him up a bit, but he still liked being around them.

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