Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hartford | Day 4-5

I've finally gotten to get to color... i opened painter for the first time since i bought my wacom. i believe i had used it once back at the university of the arts, but that was so new to me back then, and i think i was using a mouse (drawing with a soap dish) which isn't easy. Posted here is my first ever, EVER Painter image... it's a crappy tom cat... notice his cat "package". i think this is something i could do. i just need to get more familiar with the tools. Q Cassetti gave me some tips on the program in the elevator, like "You're gonna hate it" and "Remember all those crappy Sprites from Director?.... It's almost as aggravating." Q is a bundle of encouragement...
Also posted here is Bobby, Burying his Bone. The color comp isn't supposed to look finished, just correct in values and intensity. I will be having to answer for my week's work tomorrow at 11 am... Lets hope it goes well. The instructors have been very nice about the project, but it needs "punching up" to really be something that takes off. I'm surrounded by caldicot nominees, pulitzer nominees... if i'm not getting good advice making books, it's my own fault.
Here's the reason I was messing with a cat in Painter. It's the revised version of C is for Cassy. I was going to post it yesterday, but I was working past midnight, and my connection wasn't allowing uploads... I think it's getting to be pretty dynamic. The more funny, the better. The idea is to have something the kid wants to read and laugh at over and over.

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