Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hartford | Day 3

Fried... did i say fried? David and I crashed by 1:15 or so... The critique on my 50 pieces went pretty well. the group liked the zany pieces, as do i. lots of great talking going on. students learning from each other, especially with the huge number of years of professional artists among the group. each person is bringing 10-15 years of career experience to each critique. the faculty has an unbroken chain back to NC Wyeth and Howard Pyle, and the lessons are being absorbed through some hard scrabble work.

These two were singled out from the previous 50 posted, but a couple of new directional ideas were brought to the project. I will be changing a pile drawings to get my comps together, but it will be well worth it... infusing more life to the gem of an idea... burnishing and polishing until it shines. nothing is easy except failure

Quote of the day:
Bunny Carter - "Every time you decide to take the hard route, you eliminate 90% of the competition."

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