Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hartford | Day 12

my last big work day begins. i have to crank out 9 spreads, along with text placement within the next 12 hours. it should be a reachable goal. it's raining like mad here in CT. torrential downpours as we shuttle from lecture to class like a bunch of wet cows. i'll upload my progress tonight.... sci fi and fantasy art genres lecture is about to begin
- conceptual art lecture this afternoon

Di Fate's lectures were as intense as ever. i try to key in the notes as he talks, as i look at the slides on the screen. the worst is to look down an notice my fingers had gotten lost and spewed a pile of gibberish, then retype and try to listen to the current slide explantion while remembering the previous one... i think i'm keeping up, but the notes are overflowing. i think i'm developing a mighty hump on my back from hunching over the keyboard, while slouching as low as i can in the seat to get the best view of computer and projector screens. i need the fighter pilot heads-up display. it would work much better.
I've finished my full sized book comp. i've dummied in the text, especially since i don't want to commit to anything final at this stage. i need to revisit my edited version of the story... i don't even have a title that speaks to the story yet. They go on the wall on Friday morning. Ted and Betsy Lewin want everyone's work on the walls... it's going to take the walls in the three classrooms to display them all. 640 images, except many are spreads... so nearer to 3-4 hundred full-sized book pages all around the studios. this critique will take most of the day.

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