Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hartford | Day 11

i'm friggen wiped out. the lectures are heavy duty. i have to be on my toes to soak it all in. there is so much info, and i'm typing like a crazy person to try to get it all down. on top of that, i try to have a couple of "tips" documents open to record any tidbits that may aid in technique, suppliers, or printing information. the average student in the seat has 10-20 years in the business, and there are 20 in my class alone. do the math... it's a ton of experience in many areas of the illustration and design fields. if i eaves drop on the most casual conversation, i pick up a tip. it's mind boggling. my children's book is rolling on. i'm working on spreads, which are built from Monday and Tuesday's sketches. they're coming together, but i have to keep remembering to leave space for type, and the gutter in the middle of the spread. i'm getting it, although i'm slow on the uptake. We covered Pulp, SciFi and Western illustation Genres today in history lectures. such great work. i have to create an illustration in one of the covered genres, and i haven't settled on one yet. too many great ideas to work through. we had a great critique of the second year's book projects in the hearth room of the hotel this evening between 7 and 8. Ted and Betsy, Vin De Fate and Murray all gave their opinions on the work. it's always great to see where people take their projects. each one is unique and individually valid directions, even though they're as different as a butterfly is from a clownfish.

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