Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hartford | Day 10

Lots of lectures today. 4 involving slides. two from Sci Fi illustrator Vin De Fete covering the history of Pulp, Action and Romance illustration Genres. He assigned our first painting outside of the thesis, which is an illustration in the genre of our choice, of those covered in his class. I may see if I can roll it into the CD/DVD design of the Deadneks new DVD. It could be a good vehicle, as long as Joey Fang doesn't want to stick with his original idea... based on some funky porn boxes from the 80s... I have no idea what he's referencing, and i'm sckeezzed out thinking about looking it up.

We had a late day lecture from Jerry Zucker, humorist and Emmy winner for his auto-biographical online shorts at It's Jerry Time!. He was a friggin laugh riot. He's centered in Boston, so he drove down for the talk after reconnecting with his old professor, Murray Tinkelman. It was interesting to see his work on "Mass Murderer Trading Cards", "Dirty Priest Trading Cards" and his early cartoons. really fun.
That followed another slide presentation from the Lewins on each of their processes. Very interesting to see how they build children's books.
Here's a couple more sketches from my book project.
On a side note, but not less important... the washing machine broke back in VA... Noelle called with the bad tidings. it's always something. can't win.

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