Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hartford | Day 1

We all got down to business early on Sunday morning. We had introductions from the Dean and Assistant Dean of the Hartford Art School, as well as meeting our advisers and each other. A Powerpoint presentation was shown of the incoming classes' work. I rolled up last with a healthy chuckle from the crowd as Van Toad flashed on the screen to Michael Jackson's "Don't stop till you get enough..."
Thanks to Q Cassetti for the well paced presentation. We all got a good handle of where we were coming from. I really do appreciate her open and helpful tips about the faculty. In this pic, you can see her with the dark over shirt and hip glasses... she looks strikingly like my dear sister Ellen. We were fed veggie wraps, chips and drinks, then given the grand tour, featuring the printmaking lab, photolabs, tv studio, media labs, technology lab, and culminating in the illustration workroom seen here.
This is my locker for two weeks... Bob Dylan, Amnesty Intl, and some scratched out porno girls will watch over my paint box. I need to chase down the financial aid fellow to see if i qualify for traveling money to get to the various cities... it ain't cheap being a student. David is sleeping on the foldout loveseat, and i got the bed for the first week. We switch on Saturday... I may end up sleeping on the floor it's too lumpy.
Tomorrow at 7:45 is the first class through 6pm. We have 24/7 access to the studios. I hope i don't need it...

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