Monday, July 28, 2008

chewing it over in va

had a bit of time to organize files, papers, burn a dvd back up and shuffle art supplies around the studio. catching up on two weeks of backlog in the office. my second in command, Chris Paulsen has been holding down the fort in my absence, and was very happy to see me in my chair this morning. dishing out projects as i can, while trying to pace them.
I was looking in Dick Blick's catalog for the Schmenke watercolor tray and empty pans to try Dennis Nolan's pallet and technique. He has a great technique with a limited pallet, which is similar to my oil pallet. i'd like to dip the watercolor brush and give his method a try. pictured is his demo on the 18th in Hartford. Blick didn't have it in their catalog, so I may have to try Cheap Joe's.

The second photo is the storm i had driven though on Saturday evening. the white section of the cloud in the photo was firing lightning bolts all around. i kept shooting, but was always too late. next time i'll shoot a quicktime movie and then screenshot the stills. i was digging the single star in the the sky over the storm.

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