Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wrapping up my writing

Zdepski's Daisy in the Tornado from an upcoming book
I just put the final words-to-keyboard with children's story I've been working on since 1998. I had a dream one summer's night and saw the whole thing. I went up to my Kintnersville PA studio and knocked out the initial illustration that would set the story in my mind, as well as haunt me to finish it. I've dropped the project, then picked it up off and on for the last decade, but the master's thesis has made me focus upon this as a viable project. Where there hasn't been an incentive to finish before... family, work and video games bumped it until now...

My friend Farida Karimi has taken the editing job. She had edited a HUGE book project I had on my desk a few years back, dealing with carriage driving in the late 19th C and early 20th C by some crotchety old German. Farida was able to whip it all into shape with a comprehensive and exhaustive index and glossary... and deliver on time... making me look good.

I've loaded her plate with a second book, which she has on the schedule.

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