Monday, June 23, 2008

Well – I bought my camera. It’s a Fuji Finepix S8100 - basically a baby SLR digital. I was advised by my professional photo buddies to try to get a Nikon and work my way up with new lenses. However, this was half the price of a used Nikon. The one big bummer is that the firmware isn't OSX friendly, and you can't USB directly into the Mac. I had to buy a card reader, pop the card in and download the images... Just a stupid software issue. I hope they figure that one out with a software patch, but I doubt they'll do it. I did some experimenting with the settings, and shot a pile of stuff I'll never use, but the Japanese Beetle on my weeping cherry tree really blew me away! I had the lens right on the leaf as I shot the picture. With 10 mega pixels, there is plenty of detail for using as reference photography. I have also been shooting photos of neighborhood yards and yard items to build my reference files for a book I'm working on. I find you have to get up early (5:30 - 7am) to get the good light. The shadows are much more interesting than mid-day. I also have begun shooting more horse carriage supporting photos for another project... so many projects... soooo many projects.

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