Monday, June 9, 2008

Richmond Illustrators Club Opening

Officer Rabbit's New Bike
, seen here in his antique oval frame, gets a few weeks away from my studio. The Richmond Illustrators Club had their opening of the 2nd annual juried show this on June 6, during the city-wide First Friday event. The place was hopping. I was amazed at the number of folks packed into the streets, and EVERY gallery up and down Main. I had a very hard time driving from my work in Winchester to Richmond after work, with a bunch of weekenders trying to get to the OBX. Stop,start,stop,start... over an hour added to my drive time. THEN.. like an idiot, I thought I would drive home via Charlottesville, over the Blue Ridge to the Shenandoah Valley... another extra hour to my drive time. I spent some time on the phone with my Illustration buddy Oronde Kairi from Philadelphia. He and I compare strategies on marketing and new market exposure. The man is always thinking... always looking for new venues. I believe his work is at the point where he only needs to be seen by the right backer, and he will take off. A great guy. I got home by 11 pm to find my family sweltering in the house with no AC. As of Monday, still no AC and 100 degrees forecast.

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