Monday, June 30, 2008

Artshow and Camping

Zdepski's photo of a small bass on a rock
The boy and I had a bonding session this past weekend by heading down the Blue Ridge to Appomattox VA. My cousin hosts a small music fest on their farm in on a bluff above the James River. I've done a few drawings at past events, but this time I brought some work to hang on in the art show area. It was a nice gathering, as usual. Oldies, Bluegrass, Blues and Folk were rolling off the stage. My son and I camped out beneath a walnut tree within earshot of the rooster, goats and pigs. I was able to photograph a huge number of reference photos of goats, pigs, trees and a very interesting wrought iron fence. The town of Buena Vista offered up the fence, and some taste hamburgers one of groadiest restaurants I've ever sat in... we had to use their bathroom, too. The boy had his first fishing trip. We caught a two foot water snake. Here's the video.

We only saw one bass... he was dead and only an inch long.
Zdepski's photo of an Assassin Bug in a Tiger Lily
We took some great shots on top of the Blue Ridge, and I saw that Assassin Bug inside of a lily. He had nabbed a sweat bee and was sucking the life out of it. It's a pretty good spot for grabbing bees.

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Q. said...

man, this is great wildlive. Nicky is one lucky guy to have such a fun nature time with his dad. a magical time despite the horrors of bathrooms and dirt. Looking forward to July 13! A lucky day, eh?