Thursday, July 16, 2015

Lecture: Printing Your Own Mini-Comic

SATURDAY, July 18 2015: 1 until 2: Printing Your Own Mini-Comic - I will be giving a talk on how to print your own Mini-Comic with both lo-tech and high-tech options. I'll even give you a link to a Word doc for an 8-page "Signature". You can just replace the panels with your own and print! Come to the Shenandoah Arts Council, 811 South Loudoun Street in Winchester VA to spend an hour with Paulie Z, winner of the 2011 SPACE prize for best Mini-Comic at the Small Press Expo!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nixon, Ladd and Chicken Little

A tale of three friends: One of my best friends had portrait of Ex-President Richard Nixon hanging over his pillow above his bed - FULL SIZE knock-off of the official presidential portrait. I thought it strange, since it was the late 1970s, and public opinion was such that he was considered a disgraced president.

My other close friend had a poster of Cheryl Ladd stepping out of the water. This seemed more appropriate for a pubescent teenager with girls on the brain. Although quite unique, since the crowd was generally hanging the famous portrait of Farrah Fawcett in the Red One-Piece.

I can't remember anything on my walls beyond a map of the world, a few hotrod pictures and a 1968 blacklight Anti-war poster saying "Chicken Little Was Right".

One friend went on to become a police captain. The other became a successful salesman. I'm not sure how any of these images influenced the outcome of our trajectory.

I do know I haven't been very Pro-War.