Friday, April 4, 2014

Facebook and the False Paradigm

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I've read a number of articles about how Facebook creates a false paradigm - a perception that folks have perfect lives and are always doing cool things. I don't see it. I see plenty of griping about aches, bad neighborhood kids and dented fenders. I've posted plenty of them myself.

Likewise, I post lots of stuff I think is fun. I think the perception comes from folks not understanding that if the glass is half full or empty, it's up to them. Realize that if we're running in the photo on the beach with our kids, we're probably rubbing the arthritis in our knee when we hit the beach chair.

Don't believe that everyone's life is is a storybook full of joy around the fireplace, while you're stuck out in the snow looking in the window... some schlub has to carry all the wood in for that crackling fire and then haul out the ashes.

My two cents...

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